Why Us

Why switch to SATHYA Fibernet?

In a world where everything revolves around the internet – from work and studies to entertainment and even staying in touch with our loved ones – internet speed and reliability play a vital role, and this is where SATHYA Fibernet comes into the act.

SATHYA Fibernet

Information Security Management System

We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. We assure our customers that the security of their information is a top priority for our business.

SATHYA Fibernet

Secure Internet & Consistent speed

Our objective is "No Buffering - No Suffering!". We delight our internet users now and then. One of the advantages is the wide range of super high-speed plans.

SATHYA Fibernet

Affordable data plans & Exclusive benefits

From the first to the last day of billing, you get uniform speed and connectivity. So, browse, stream, work and play games without worrying about speed drops.

SATHYA Fibernet

Round the clock customer support

We assure 24X7 promised speed and on-time customer support. Customers can stay peace of mind as they get the best secure internet all time without any hassles.

Why SATHYA Fibernet

best for your home/office Wi-Fi needs?

SATHYA Fibernet assures a high-speed buffer-free internet that supports children's online classes, office Zoom calls, e-meetings and still leaves enough bandwidth to seamlessly stream an online movie or play a game.

Better Bandwidth

We assure a lot more bandwidth that will support a seamless work-from-home scenario.

Upto 100Mbps Speed

With SATHYA Fibernet, you can upload and download large files in no time.

High-speed Wi-Fi Plans

From downloading large files and gaming to making group video calls, our network will be the best.

Improved Reliability

This means no sudden downtime, no fluctuating speed, and no frustration.

Super-low Latency

We aim to remove lags and assure prompt high-speed internet every time.

Easy Installation

Installing SATHYA Fibernet for your home/office is simple. We ensure on-time service.

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