SATHYA Fibernet

Fast & Stable

Ensure uninterrupted network with our extraordinary services!

Sathya Fibernet

High speed

We ensure high-speed internet connectivity all the time without any interruption. A better internet option will lead to earlier completion of complex business tasks.

Sathya Fibernet

Fiber technology

The future of broadband is the fiber technology that ensures the fastest internet connectivity to reach your needs. Experience the advanced internet at the speed of lights.

Sathya Fibernet

Best plans & pricing

Ensuring better internet connectivity at reasonable prices is our ultimate goal. Enjoy lightning speed internet connectivity and keep up your business running around the clock.

Sathya Fibernet

Customer service

We provide holistic before and after-sales service. Our customers are our priority and we do not compromise in the quality. Our technical team ensures on-time support.

Sathya Fibernet

Consistent speed

Our objective is "No Buffering - No Suffering" and we strive towards achieving it with our best high-speed internet practices. We delight our internet users now and then.

Sathya Fibernet

Easy installation

Installing our Fibernet service for your home and office uses is simple. We make the process efficient and on-time. Our team creates excellent internet service at the best prices.

Plans & Pricing


Sathya Fibernet

SWS 4033

300GB / month


Upto 30 Mbps Speed

Sathya Fibernet

SWS 4034

500GB / month


Upto 50 Mbps Speed

Sathya Fibernet

SWS 4035

1000GB / month


Upto 100 Mbps Speed

Sathya Fibernet

SWS 4017

100GB / day


Upto 100 Mbps Speed

Sathya Fibernet

SWS 4021

200GB / day


Upto 100 Mbps Speed

Get better and faster internet with Fibernet!

Do more of everything you deserve online in less time with our fiber broadband technology.

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Browse more, Game more & Stream more

Fibernet provides speed and bandwidth that seamlessly supports your browsing needs without downtime.

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Connect more device without any lags

You can connect as many devices as you desire with the internet without any fear of slowdown or data caps.

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Ultra-fast speeds without any interruption

The symmetric speeds of Fibernet transfer data at lightning speed. We ensure maximum speed to delight every user.

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Happiness is when you get more of the data at less price!

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What you see is what you get!

  • Affordable pricing: Choose the exact internet plan that's best for your needs. Our pricing is reasonable and transparent.
  • Seamless internet connectivity: Go ahead, stream, share, download and do more with unlimited internet connectivity
  • Best customer support: With the experience and ability in this field, we solve any of your network-related issues without any delays.
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Coverage Areas

SATHYA Fibernet covers only the below-listed areas. We will soon expand our network coverage zones!